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+ - Do I need a consultation for surgery?

We always recommend a consultation before surgery. It is important for us to meet with you in person to discuss your goals and review your options for surgery. This allows us to come up with an individualized plan unique to your surgical needs.

+ - Who is a good candidate for cosmetic surgery?

Anyone from an early towards mature adulthood that is healthy with a stable weight.

+ - Is there a specific age limit to have plastic surgery?

Ideally, the candidate should be older than 21 years old and have a healthy lifestyle that would allow for safe recovery.

+ - Is plastic surgery safe?

All types of surgeries have some type of risk. We minimize these risks by having an appropriate team, location, and patient selection.

+ - Should my surgeon be board-certified?

Yes, absolutely! Most board certified plastic surgeons undergo rigorous training and certification processes in order to guarantee patient safety and outcomes.

+ - Is the location for my surgical procedure important?

Yes, definitely! Your surgical location must be an equipped and certified center that is prepared and staffed appropriately to guarantee a safe process.

+ - What is the difference between cosmetic and reconstructive surgery?

Cosmetic surgery would be considered any procedure that creates a more aesthetically pleasing appearance, but is usually not medically necessary. Cosmetic surgery for example would be a breast augmentation or a tummy tuck procedure. Reconstructive surgery is often considered a medically necessary procedure, such as a hernia repair or breast reconstruction following a breast cancer diagnosis. However it can also describe revisionary surgery that may be necessary due to congenital defects or other surgeries. There is significant overlap here, as we are always concerned about aesthetic outcomes for every patient regardless of cosmetic or reconstructive reasons.

+ - How should I prepare for my plastic surgery?

Candidate should prepare both physically and mentally for their procedure. Patient should optimize themselves nutritionally for good healing. Patient should come in for a pre-operative appointment where all questions and concerns are answered.

+ - Can I use my medical insurance to cover my cosmetic procedure cost?

We will work with your insurance for reconstructive procedures. However, if your procedure is solely cosmetic insurance will usually not permit coverage.

+ - Will my plastic surgery be considered an outpatient procedure, or will it require me to stay overnight?

Most cosmetic procedures are considered outpatient. However, some procedures, for safety reasons entail an overnight stay.

+ - Are there other less invasive options to perk up my appearance without having to undergo surgery?

Yes there is. We offer different less invasive options that will work just as good as invasive surgeries. Although less invasive options don’t offer permanent results, unlike, surgical procedures they don’t require long recovery time.

+ - How much time should I plan for recovery after cosmetic surgery?

You should feel a lot better within a day or two after cosmetic surgery. Typically, 1-2 weeks is enough time to “take off.” It will usually take a few months for final results, depending on the procedure.

+ - When can I return to regular exercise after cosmetic surgery?

After cosmetic surgery, you can return to normal daily activities right away (showering, walking, cooking, etc). You are generally cleared to return to light physical activity/exercise about 1-2 weeks after your procedure. Typically, depending on the exact nature of your surgery, you are cleared to return to normal exercise with no little to no restrictions at 6-8 weeks post surgery. Everybody is different, so these may vary from patient to patient.

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